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Join us as the pilots of this storied Westland Lynx relive their mission to find and destroy the enemy before being destroyed themselves.

To succeed, these heroes needed to overcome a shortage of fuel, a defiant enemy, and, for one pilot, a checkered past. Stream hundreds of shows by starting your free trial to Smithsonian Channel Plus. Check the availability of this title and explore our vast library of original documentaries and series.

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Remote Cell Spy Helicopter Spycam

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We'll be sharing spontaneous photos and videos as inspiration strikes. Helicopter Missions. Short Tags rescue Middle East war warplanes.

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Have Smithsonian Channel through your TV provider? It was essentially a wide metal ring with a cockpit lodged in its centre, stretching more than seven metres long and just under three metres wide.

Android spy helicopter

A propeller was housed within the ring, bolstered by two turbojet engines that can provide forward thrust. The craft's pokey size would help it avoid detection on the battlefield.

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Plans suggest the craft would be capable of firing missiles at enemy targets, though exactly where they would launch from is unclear. Some experts in China reportedly expressed concerns that the craft would not be stable enough to fly.

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Similar experiments in the US have later been canned. Rods from God A strange but utterly terrifying weapon has been dubbed "rods from the God" and is based on the concept of creating man-made meteorites that can be guided towards the enemy. Instead of using rocks rods the size of telephone poles are deployed.

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These would be made out of tungsten — a rare metal that can stand the intense heat generated by entering Earth's atmosphere. One satellite fires the rods towards the Earth's atmosphere while the other steers them to a target on the ground. As bizarre as it sounds, a US Congressional report recently revealed the military has been pushing ahead with the kinetic space weapons.