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The things to consider are whether a target device needs to be jailbroken or rooted. What is jailbreaking or rooting? These both terms mean voiding the warranty to be able to install the applications which are not approved by Google Play and AppStore respectively. Usually, Android 4 and less requires rooting, and iOS 6 and less — as well. Also, before installing such an application, one should consider its compatibility with the version of a target device. For example, some text spy apps do not work on Android 4; some — on iOS 6.

Most of them are created for the last versions. The monitoring market is rich. What else can you see with text spy app? You can view the textual content, people behind every conversation, their numbers, and even contact details. Another type of information which comes together is timestamps. Thus, users can know when exactly people texted each other. Sometimes, it makes sense. What about social media and their messengers? Most text spy apps allow reading them as well. Facebook Messenger has more than 1. This is the place where often the whole magic happens between romantic and business partners, kids and strangers, people involved in love affairs, etc.

Why would Facebook Messenger be so popular? It became a chatbot platform, the one for voice and video calling, stickers and other effects which speak volume about relationships between people. In the European Union, monitoring of work stuff is allowed. Business owners do it actively, provided all legal conditions are met. Since 1 billion messages are sent between people and businesses, Facebook messages monitoring makes sense.

Instagram joins top 3 social media which is very famous as a platform for cheating.


This is why it is so attractive in the light of monitoring. Moreover, you can view photos and videos if they stored in Gallery , links to other sources, etc. To make it short — you can view all the textual content of Instagram Direct. The app allows you to set the intervals of updates you will receive about messages a target person had. This messenger is widely used by businesses to connect with users and make them loyal toward trademarks, products, etc.

How to Read Someone Else’s Text Messages without Their Phone?

So, text spy app allows monitoring how the communication is held and whether business owners need to correct the staff. Anyway, software is helpful in many ways. For the record, Facebook Messenger has as many fans as WhatsApp.

Nowadays, more than 60 million messages are sent via both messengers. The same as WhatsApp, Viber can be tracked as well.

SMS and MMS: What are the differences and similarities?

The messenger is less used by companies, but more by individuals for personal issues. However, these supplementary features are not free. Along with letting you text from your computer, MightyText has a plethora of utilities like an SMS scheduler, a multi-window mode where you can attend to numerous chats at once, and more. MightyText can do a lot of what Pushbullet offers, including notification mirroring. Because the free version has a monthly cap for how many SMS messages you can send, you will have to purchase the subscription for unlimited access.

Download: MightyText Free, subscription available. These texting websites will let you send SMS messages from your computer for free. Read More , try these options:.

Your email address will not be published. Do you suspect that your partner might be cheating on you?

Spy on text messages: online free tools & Android spy apps for mobile phones

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He provides ethical hacking services to anyone you is suspicious of a cheating spouse. All the hacks are executed remotely , this means that you can have access to a suspected cheating spouse device without even having Contact with the target device. With this info , he can grant you access to the target phone records , call records , text messages including deleted texts that goes as far as 8 months, access to social profiles attached to the email and phone number. You can also request for proof before making payment. They also have a money back policy in rare cases of dissatisfaction.

I didn't waste much time I called the number I got a quick response I explained I was want to hack my husband you was cheating on me their was no other way I could get rid of his evil act he comes late at night wakes up the night to receive calls talking to people he hasn't even told me about all these made me really mad few hours after I gave the hacker his information I was called up within 55mintues I was asked to install an application that was sent to me on my phone after I installed the application I was able to see his income and outgoing messages I was able to see all that he was hiding from then I challenged him on a Sunday after church he denied all this fact of cheating on me then I showed what I got installed for him he couldn't say a damn word am just happy we are happy together again.

I only have a Galaxy 4 Tablet - no Android phone. Can I still use MightyText?

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If so, how? Thanks, Dan. That means it's good to go. You don't have to do anything else with it on your phone. Follow the instructions, man. Just go to the website it gives you to finish setting it up. Works great! This could be a good alternative to avoid Distracted Driving. When I think back this text solution can avoid distraction since the messages can be auto-responded by setting triggers. Title is misleading, it should say for Android phones Turn your phone into a hotspot and you can control your phone without internet connection or network infrastructure: directly from phone to PC: Android WebControl.

Viber has desktop application for ALL platforms.

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It works through your internet connection. Why do I need any of these. To top it all the much touted Mighty Text, if it works through cellular network inly, is useless in my opinion if it can't do it over wifi and internet. I don't need any application to text somebody over over 2G or 3G connection.

The idea is also to save money!!!! I use Gmail using Google voice - send and receive email, SMS, IM, audio calls, video calls - all in one place - from my phones and anybody's computer - to individuals or groups - free. What am I missing? Why should I change? Don't think you are missing a thing as long as you live in USA.