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  3. Study Claims Google Chrome Is Total Spyware And You Should Run To Firefox Now

They know your questions, they can fabricate you answers, got it? Stay away from Google if you got it and have some brain that still runs. Stay away from Microsoft too, as much as you can, away from facebook, twitter and other useless spy agencies nicely dressed. I guess they are run by the same people anyway. But back to business, you can add cookie blocker and in firefox and about:config, you can erase all that contains google.

You can use other search engines like dudcduckgo. Is a try to take your freedom for good, with nicely colored apps. Have a nice day, Ladies! And gentleman! Curiosity killed the cat, Stupidity killed the freedom. These things make sense. I run Linux using XOrg server.

I have noticed that the screensaver does not see mouse actions when I browse and stay only in browser window. Screensaver comes on despite activity. This and and a number of issues people are having with some pointing devices suggest that mouse movement is being intercepted. I have removed Chrome. Software that does an end-run around my XOrg server security is considered malware! Bill Gates started all this crap cause google is the baddest search engine in the world.

He wants his competition to break. Some of you have valid points. Some of you are apathetic. Some of you are just plain angry-without-aim nutty. Anything offered by Google tracks and stores your information. Maybe not the directly personal but definitely your habits and travel.

Google operates under principles of freeconomics. Open source is a strategy and vehicle that allows them to collect and then sell data to any number of sources. Facebook operates under the same structure. Facebook will even tell you in their multiple pages of user agreement text that any pictures or posts you upload to their site become their property and will be stored until they decide to delete it whether you choose to show it on your page or not.

I use gmail and even use the google phone plug-in to make calls to my family and friends through my account and it is very useful to me. At any time, with one key stroke, I can record conversations that I am having and it will be stored on one of Googles many data banks. For as long as I choose to have it there. If I have that option then so do they. Try to educate yourself why the need is there in the first place and what it is being used for.

Now that being said, from a user stand point I tried the Chrome browser for all of ten minutes before sending it to the trash. I did not notice any appreciable difference in speed between that and Firefox. Not only that, but seven minutes into my session it locked up and then shut down. No this is NOT confirmed, this is just implying that it is spyware, which is stupid. I agree with the person who wrote this article, but also see other peoples opinions.

There has been many proven times that Google Chrome is Spyware, but who is to say? Chrome is spyware. The browser itself is designed to spy on you and report everything you do and every URL you visit to Google. What more needs to be said. Gmail, is not private. Someone is following up my mail!!!!!!! Google only created a browser to protect his core business: information. Naturally they register every key you press.

Google Chrome WARNING over 'huge spyware campaign' that's hoovering up your sensitive info

Their PR is better towards the open source community, but they are a huge company and thus as evil as MS. Name required. Email required; will not be published. Google Chrome — Spyware? By Vygantas September 6, 67 Comments. Being passionate about software, Vygantas began his journalism career back in when he founded FavBrowser.

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Study Claims Google Chrome Is Total Spyware And You Should Run To Firefox Now

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